City Asking For Downtown Park Design Ideas
March 11, 2014 Anne Marie Peacock
Office of Communications

Redmond, WA -
Are you passionate about parks and interested in being involved in selecting design ideas for the new Downtown Park? The City of Redmond is seeking candidates to “claim their stake in the Downtown Park” and give us their feedback on design ideas.

Available through April 11, 2014 community members can log onto the City website and download a ‘workbook’ that will walk you through a user-friendly format designed to help you give us your ideas.

The workbook discussion points will focus on gaining the public’s feedback on the following topics:
  • Look and character of Downtown Park – trendy or traditional?
  • Programming - what kind of activities do you want to do there?
  • Vision statement for Downtown Park – do you agree, or have another idea?

The City has already started getting design input from the public and we want more! On February 19th over 40 community members attended a workshop and told us what they want to see in the park. We will continue to collect park design ideas through April 11 so please be sure to download a workbook and give your feedback.

For more information, please contact Betty Sanders at 425-556-2328 or


Workshop Downtown Park
Workshop Downtown Park

Community members shared their Downtown Park design ideas at the February 19th public workshop in City Hall. (Photo courtesy of City of Redmond)