City Seeks Community Members for Budget Team
January 8, 2013 Anne Marie Peacock

Redmond, WA - In 2008, the City Council and Mayor John Marchione instituted a new way of budgeting for the City of Redmond. This innovative budgeting process, called Budgeting by Priorities (BP), developed the city’s last three biennial budgets, set performance measures and moved the focus of the budget toward services and programs valued most by residents.

The City will soon begin the process again for the 2015-2016 biennial budget and needs members of the community to volunteer for a very important role in the effort, which is to become a member of a Civic Results Team. The six budget priorities, developed in 2008 with citizen involvement, are Business Vitality, Clean and Green Environment, Community Building, Infrastructure and Growth, Responsible Government and Safety.

Following initial training, citizen results team members will work as part of a team to prioritize and rank City budget offers based on their likelihood to contribute towards the priority and City vision. They will then recommend to the mayor which offers should be considered for inclusion into the draft budget.

Interested Redmond residents or those with a business in Redmond are encouraged to apply by sending a letter of interest to Mayor Marchione at Volunteer requirements include the flexibility to meet with City staff for 2-3 hours in the evening with the ability to devote up to 40 working hours over a period of eleven weeks between March and July 2014. Letter of interest will be accepted for consideration until February 17.

For more information about these volunteer positions or the BP process, contact the Mayor’s Office at 425-556-2101 or