Find My Phone App Finds More Than Just a Phone
December 05, 2013 Officer Julie Beard

Redmond, WA - Redmond Police have cleared multiple vehicle prowl investigations after a citizen successfully used a phone-finding application to locate his stolen property. The citizen’s phone and wallet were stolen from his vehicle while he was working in Redmond on December 3rd. He was able to utilize a phone-tracking application to lead directly to a residence located in North Redmond later that day.

Redmond Police responded to the location and were able to locate an individual suspected of committing over 50 car prowls over the last few months in and around the Redmond Area. Search warrants on the resident recovered property stolen from multiple victims. Redmond Police’s team assigned to Car Prowl Investigations had been investigating the recent car prowls, and the victim’s ability to locate his stolen property provided an important break in the cases. Multiple felony charges are expected to be filed with the King County Prosecutor’s Office in the coming days. The suspect was held on $50,000 bail in King County Superior Court today.

Redmond Police continue to encourage citizens to report all suspicious activity, and to notify police if you have been the victim of a car prowl, even if you don’t believe anything was taken from your vehicle. Tracking where crimes and criminal attempts occur in our city help us identify criminal patterns and locate victims when suspects are apprehended with stolen property. In addition, knowing and reporting serial numbers from stolen electronic items helps us reconnect found property with its rightful owners.