Fire Alarm Scan Alert Technology Shutdown Notification
November 6, 2013 Anne Marie Peacock

Redmond, WA - The City of Redmond Fire Department is reminding all local businesses of the upcoming ‘notice of cessation of telecommunications service’ deadline from Century Link. The deadline takes effect on Sunday, December 1, 2013.

CenturyLink has provided notice of cessation of a telecommunications service known as Scan Alert and will discontinue service on December 1st. Scan Alert service utilizes a Signal Transmitter Unit that is typically a red metal box located near the main fire alarm panel. Business and building owners who have not yet taken the steps required to modify their fire alarm systems to the newer signal transmission equipment are at risk to having their fire alarm monitoring system shut off by CenturyLink.

The Redmond Fire Department recommends existing scan service users take immediate action to replace the equipment that uses the scan technology and switch to newer transmitters. Contact your alarm service contractor to get more information about your options. The Redmond Fire Department has increased its staffing levels to accommodate local building owner’s permits and inspections needs for this change.

The City currently has approximately 350 building fire alarm systems that remain to be upgraded. It is unlikely all systems will be able to convert to new transmitters by the deadline due to the lack of available alarm support organizations to conduct the upgrade and as a result building owners will need to provide a fire watch until new transmitters are installed. The transmitter issue should not impact the ability of the fire alarm system to provide occupant notification of an alarm; however, the system will not be capable of automatically calling the fire department.

The Redmond Fire Department will follow up with building owners who have not upgraded their alarm systems after the shutoff date. This will ensure proper safety measures are in place and businesses are providing a 24-hour fire watch per our Redmond Fire Standard 14, Fire Watch.

If you have questions or want to contact the Redmond Fire Department concerning this issue please call Deputy Fire Marshal, Jacob Black at 425-556-2223 or email