Citizens Invited to Propose Renaming of the Heron Rookery
August 01, 2013 Jeri Rowe-Curtis

Redmond, WA
  —The City is seeking public recommendations for renaming the Heron Rookery site located near the Bear Creek Parkway. Earlier this year, via a grant from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources , a crew from Washington Conservation Corps removed non-native invasive plants, blackberries, English Ivy and English Holly to begin the restoration of the 4.6 acre Heron Rookery. Upon completion, residents and visitors will enjoy this public site as a place to walk or simply contemplate nature.

The rookery was originally named after a colony of Great Blue Herons that once occupied the site. The first heron nesting occurred around 1997. When heron monitoring by the city began in 2003, there were still eight active nests. By 2006, no heron nests were recorded. Monitoring continued until 2008 at which time no nests were discovered.

Renaming the site is an important citizen component. All suggested names will be presented to the Parks and Trails Commission for final recommendation. The final recommendation is then approved by the City Council.

To participate in the City’s naming process, please send an email to Sharon Sato, or mail your idea to Sharon Sato, 15670 NE 85th St., Redmond, WA 98052. Please include the following information: the name you are suggesting; a short paragraph on why you feel this name is appropriate; and your name, address and phone number. All entries should be submitted by August 30, 2013. Entries will be entered in a drawing to win a $50.00 certificate for a recreation class listed in the Parks and Recreation Guide.

New park names are guided by the following criteria. The park can be named after:
  1. A neighborhood, geographic, or common usage identification;
  2. A natural or geological feature;
  3. An historical figure, place, event or other instance of historical or cultural significance;
  4. An individual (living or deceased) who has made a significant land and/or monetary contribution to the park system or who has had the contribution made “in memoriam”; and when the name has been stipulated as a condition of the donation;
  5. An individual who has contributed outstanding civic service to the City of Redmond and who has between deceased for a period of at least two years.

For more information about the naming process, please contact Sharon Sato at or 425-556-2311.

To learn more about how you can help keep The Heron Rookery healthy in the future contact Teresa Kluver, Park Operations Supervisor at 425-556-2355 or

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