Pavement Marking Repairs

Vicinity Map

Location: Throughout the City

Current Project Activities: The City has awarded the construction contract and construction will begin in late July of 2013. All work will be completed at night to minimize traffic impacts and significantly reduce construction cost. Construction noise may impact local residents during construction, but that noise should be short in duration and will be for only one night at any given location.

A link is included above showing the detailed map where pavement markings are to be repaired. Due to the nature of the work, it is impossible to predict on exactly which street the construction crew will be on any given night. 

Project Phase: In Construction

Estimated Timeline: Construction will begin in July of 2013 and be complete in October of 2013

Project Manager: Eric Dawson, 425-556-2723

Description: Growth in the City has increased the traffic on our roadways. This increased traffic has impacted the condition of our plastic pavement markings and many need to be replaced. This project will replace approximately 800 symbols (turn arrows, bike lane symbols, etc.), 4,500 feet of stop bars, and 13,000 square feet of crosswalks.