Streetlight out?

Nearly 4,000 streetlights illuminate highways and city streets in Redmond. Some streetlights in Redmond are owned and maintained by the City, while others are owned and maintained by Puget Sound Energy.

Staff with the Traffic Operations Safety and Engineering Division (TOSE) conduct nighttime surveys every three months to identify streetlight outages. All City and PSE owned lights on arterials and major residential streets are surveyed.  All outages are then repaired.

The City relies a great deal on residents to report streetlight outages on local access residential streets.  Please report these outages by calling 425-556-2701 or email Repairs are usually complete within two weeks.

So we can more quickly identify the streetlight’s location, please include an address located near the reported light, and the pole number with your report. You’ll find this number at eye level on the pole.

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Do you feel your street is too dark?

Contact us and we'll see if a new light can be installed.

Contact: 425-556-2701 or  Request New Streetlight

Going LED

LED Conversion is Underway for all City Owned Streetlights in Redmond

In 2007, the City of Redmond began installing Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology in traffic signal displays. Replacing 135w incandescent light bulbs with 23w LED displays not only reduced the energy consumption, but extended the maintenance intervals for burned out bulbs. This provided the City with significant savings in energy and maintenance costs.

High Pressure Sodium



Work to convert all of Redmond's city-owned streetlights to LED is now underway and hope to be completed by Fall of 2018.  Converting to LED will result in 50 percent lower energy consumption, four times the bulb life vs. high pressure sodium lights--and a much more uniform light distribution pattern. (Talk about a bright idea!)

LED Streetlight Retrofit Update

  • Council staff report and approval December 2016/January 2017
  • Apply for DOC Energy Efficiency Grant in March 2017
  • Project Statistics: Retrofit over 1,750 city owned street lights with LEDs. Includes system controls
  • Annual outcome benefits: $139,985 utility savings; $19,287 material savings; 1,505,212 annual kWh savings; 2,376,835 lbs. CO2 emissions reduction
  • Estimated project cost: $2,076,400. Potential DOC grant of $350,000; PSE rebate of $251,025; $400,000 15/16 energy efficiency program budget; finance the balance

LED Streetlight

To learn more about this technology, visit Redmond LED Streetlights

Contact:   Paul Cho, PE, PTOE
                Senior Engineer, Traffic Operations & Safety Engineering