Redmond Real Time Rideshare with iCarpool
SmartPhoneApp iCarpool

Share the ride. Share the cost. Share the rewards.

Real Time Rideshare is the next generation of carpooling. 

It allows you to find a ride when you need one, using the latest in mobile app technology. 

King County Metro and the City of Redmond are partnering with iCarpool, a mobile ridesharing app, to help Redmond commuters in SE Redmond and on Willows Road join the growing community of forward-thinking people sharing the ride.

Real Time Rideshare.  No commitment. No fixed schedule.

Drivers and riders going to SE Redmond or Willows Road share the cost of the trip via an automated in-app payment system. Riders pay $0.26 per mile (set fee of $1.50 for the first 5 miles). Drivers are reimbursed $0.17 per mile.

How It Works – Riders meet Drivers on-the-fly!

Up to an hour before leaving, drivers post their trip on the app.  Riders searching for a trip along the same route or to the same destination will be matched with the driver.

Once both rider and driver have accepted the match, the rider will receive a digital boarding pass to show to the driver at the agreed-on pick-up point.

Safety is Our Priority

Drivers are pre-screened by iCarpool plus both rider and driver have the opportunity to view each other’s profiles and user-reviews before agreeing to the ride-match. Learn more.

How to Get Started

  1. Download the free iCarpool app. iCarpool will provide you with $25 of free ride credits just for signing up.
  2. Register as either a driver or a rider.
  3. Drivers fill out the super-simple Driver Application Form.
  4. Get ready for less stress, HOV advantages, and big cost savings! 

Earn rewards when you link iCarpool and accounts

King County Metro and City of Redmond are offering ADDITIONAL REWARDS if you link your iCarpool account to your account (or Go Redmond account) and work in either SE Redmond or Willows Road.

Linking these accounts through your profile “My Account” page will allow your iCarpool trips to be automatically entered onto the trip calendar.   Once your accounts are linked you may be eligible for great rewards such as:

  1. $100 in rewards for Redmond Drivers! Drivers can earn a $25 Gift Card or iCarpool ride credit after they give their first ride, and an additional $25 Gift Card or iCarpool ride credit for every  five trips they provide up to 15 trips.

  2. $75 in rewards for Redmond Riders! For every 8 real time rideshare trips you take you’ll be offered a $25 gift card or ride credit, up to a maximum of 24 trips.

  3. Riders can get 8 free rides home with Uber or Lyft! Redmond riders who link their iCarpool account to their account can enroll in the Emergency Ride Home program, making them eligible to receive up to 8 free rides with Uber or Lyft ride-hailing services. These rides can be used to get home on any day you rode to work with Redmond Real Time Rideshare.

Worried about Finding a Ride Home? Emergency Ride Home has you covered.

You’ll never be stranded at work when you ride with Redmond Real Time Rideshare.

With the Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH), Redmond Real Time Rideshare commuters have a built-in safety net. Sign up for the ERH program on to receive promo codes for using Uber or Lyft to get you home when you need it (some exclusions apply).

All Southeast Redmond and Willows Road Real Time Rideshare users who link their accounts are eligible. You can use these rides any day you rode to work with Real Time Rideshare and can’t get a ride home through the iCarpool app. We’ll also get you home in case of a childcare, medical, or personal emergency. To enroll, go to your account and follow the prompts. Learn more.