Walk Audits
walk audit

In the summer of 2011, several walk audits were conducted around the City with the help of Feet First. Information gathered through these audits is being used to inform the 2010 update of the Transportation Master Plan. The audits also meet a requirement of the Federal Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) grant awarded to the City to conduct audits with the assistance of a non-profit agency.

What is a walk audit?

A walk audit is a field review of existing walking conditions along a specified street to determine levels of safety and quality of walking experience, as well as to identify issues with design or wayfinding. Audits can last an hour, or as long as a full day, and may also examine existing biking conditions and transit service.walk audit
A walk audit is conducted with a diverse group of community stakeholders that often includes local residents, elected officials, emergency responders such as police and fire department personnel, business owners, private developers, and other interested parties. Local PTSA representatives and members of Redmond’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee joined the City’s walk audits this summer.
Redmond’s walk audits included brief presentations by City staff at key locations. Stakeholders were given clipboards and cameras and asked to record comments on anything of interest along the route. They were instructed to consider the current environment and how it does/does not meet the needs of pedestrians, how recent or near future projects may or may not be adequately meeting pedestrian mobility requirements, and suggest potential changes for that area.
Routes were selected on a number of criteria, including a requirement of the HEAL grant to examine under-privileged or under-represented areas of the City. Other criteria were that the route:
• is representative of other areas of the City
• connects to walkable destinations, such as a school or retail district
• has a high volume of pedestrian and/or bicycle collisions
• was recently completed or will be built in the near future

walk auditWalk audits were conducted along the Avondale Corridor, around Ben Rush Elementary School, and Downtown. A fourth walk audit was conducted with the Redmond City Council during the PM peak travel time in Overlake. Check the pages dedicated to each of the four areas for walk audit results at each location.
This link will take you to a copy of the full walk audit report.

Accommodations for Disabilities

The City of Redmond wants to ensure that programs and facilities are accessible to all residents in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

People with disabilities can request accommodations or accessibility by completing this form.  Your request will be received and reviewed by the City of Redmond's ADA Coordinator, who will respond to the requestor within 15 business days, or prior to the program or event where accommodations/accessibility is needed.

To reach the City's ADA Coordinator, call Kendra Johnson, at 425-556-2169.