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What is the Redmond SchoolPool?

The Redmond SchoolPool program helps your family find options for getting to school that don’t involve driving alone!

Driving students alone to school causes neighborhood traffic congestion and local air pollution. But beyond that, alternatives like walking and biking are healthy and fun for students!

With the Redmond SchoolPool secure online network, we can connect you with other families at your school to form carpools, ‘bike trains’ or ‘walking school buses’.

Then when you take a “SchoolPool” trip (walk, bike, carpool, or the bus) you can earn rewards for your student and your school through our online calendar!

Earn Rewards

- For Your School: Earn $10 for your school's PTSA when you sign up, and an additional $10 when you take a SchoolPool Trip and add it to your online calendar. (Rewards are per family.)

- For Your Student: Participating students will be emailed a reward, such as a free Redbox rental, at the end of the challenge!  SchoolPool staff will also give away safety resources to students on Bike-to-School Day (May 6th).

How the Redmond SchoolPool Works

  1. Register for Redmond School Pool by signing up here, we will create an account for you on the secure, online network.
  2. Find matches with others who attend your school and live nearby so you can walk, bike, carpool, or take the bus together
  3. Take a "SchoolPool Trip" and add it to your online calendar to earn rewards!

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