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Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Neighborhood Transportation Connections Maps


The proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment would update and add further definition of proposed locations for transportation improvements in portions of SE Redmond, Bear Creek, NE Rose Hill, and N. Redmond neighborhoods. Project locations are conceptual in nature and serve as a guide to staff, developers, residents, and other interested parties as Redmond continues to develop strong connections within the community through new streets, bikes and pedestrian trails. This link describes the proposed changes to the Transportation Connections Maps in four Redmond neighborhoods.

Check the Planning Commission's Topic Under Review page for more information and the Extended Agenda for upcoming meetings related to this topic, including a public hearing at Planning Commission meeting currently anticipated in May 2018.

Proposed Amendments to Comprehensive Plan Neighborhood Transportation Connection Maps

Proctor Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Code Amendment


The Proctor Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code amendment is a request to change the zoning to allow for standalone residential development and small-scale commercial services on the 15.38 acre property located at the SW corner of Willows Road and NE 124th St. The change is requested by the property owner and Quadrant Corporation (Applicant).

Vicinity Map

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The property is currently zoned “Business Park” which allows multifamily land uses only as part of mixed-use building with nonresidential uses on the ground floor. Standalone multifamily uses are not permitted under the current zoning regulations.


The Applicant has requested the property be rezoned from Business Park to Design District – which would involve the creation of new Comprehensive Plan policies and zoning regulations specific to the property and to increase the range of allowable residential uses on the site.

Planning Commission Review & Public Hearing

The Technical Committee issued a recommendation to the Planning Commission on May 31, 2018. A Public Hearing was held on June 27, 2018. At the July 11, 2018, the Planning Commission requested the Applicant and Staff work to provide additional information related to site constraints. A modified proposal was submitted by the Applicant in September 2018.

An additional Public Hearing on the modified proposal is scheduled October 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Redmond City Council Chambers. You can view the Public Hearing Notice here.

Check the Planning Commission's Topics Under Review page for additional documents and information, including meeting agendas, as they become available.

Environmental Review

Environmental review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) has been completed on the draft Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code amendments. The Technical Committee issued a Non-Project Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) on February 28, 2018.

Non-Project SEPA DNS
Environmental Analysis
Vicinity Map - Attachment 1
Land Use Concept Plan - Attachment 2
SEPA Environmental Checklist - Attachment 3
Vehicle Trip Generation Comparison - Attachment 4
Draft Comprehensive Plan Policies - Attachment 5
Draft Northwest Design District - Attachment 6

Next Steps

Upon completion of Planning Commission review and completion of the Public Hearing, the Planning Commission will issue a recommendation to the City Council. The Council will make a final decision on the request.


Andrew Bauer, Senior Planner

View of Cascade Mountains from Willows/Rose Hill

Andrew Bauer

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