BCDD1 Amendment

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Proposed Amendment to BCDD1 Regulations

The City of Redmond is reviewing a privately-initiated amendment to consider modifications to the existing zoning for this area, which is the upland, developable portion of the area also referred to as the Keller Farm.

BCDD1 Vicinity

The existing BCDD1 zoning is tailored to an Aegis Living proposal from 2007 and is limited to senior housing. Aegis determined a number of years ago not to pursue the intended senior living facility. With no likely development for this purpose, the current zoning is essentially obsolete.

In March, 2011, the City Council adopted a new neighborhood plan for the Bear Creek neighborhood, setting the framework for future development of the BCDD1 site. The neighborhood plan calls for considering multi-family or neighborhood commercial uses in this area. In addition, policies in the neighborhood plan allow these types of development only if certain conditions are met, such as provision of a community space (see policy N-BC-22).

If approved, the proposed amendment would allow non-age restricted multifamily development on the site. A neighborhood meeting is scheduled to seek input on proposed draft changes.

Review Process

Step Timing
Neighborhood Meeting: 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center Dec 3, 2015
(Thursday evening)
Technical Committee (formal staff) recommendation Jan/Feb 2016
Planning Commission review and recommendation, including a public hearing Feb 2016
City Council review and action Spring 2016

Neighborhood Meeting Summary

December 3, 2015 Meeting Summary

Application Materials

Sarah Stiteler


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