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Transforming the Vision into Reality: City Initiatives

District LoftsThe Overlake Neighborhood Plan and Overlake Master Plan and Implementation Strategy call for a number of public investments in Overlake over the course of several years in order to support current and future redevelopment efforts. This page highlights those public investments.

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Overlake Access Ramp

When completed, the Overlake Access Ramp will provide critical direct vehicle access from eastbound SR 520 to the heart of Overlake Village. Currently, vehicles must use southbound 148th Avenue NE and make a series of left turns to access Overlake Village. This is time consuming and creates significant congestion in Overlake. The access ramp frees-up capacity on congested arterials and provides a more direct route for those heading to Overlake Village.

Preliminary design and environmental review is underway.

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Overlake Village Street Design Guidelines

OVSDGGreat streetscapes start with great streets. The Overlake Village Street Design Guidelines ensure that streets in Overlake Village support the vision for Overlake Village as a great people place. That means sidewalks wide enough to accommodate outdoor café seating, cycletracks to encourage more people to ride, and a consistent design theme to reinforce the Village’s sense of place.

Stormwater/Park Conceptual Design

StormParkRedmond is investing in large underground regional stormwater facilities to help restore stream system health and functionality, and to meet federal permit requirements. Because land is at a premium in Overlake Village, these underground facilities will double as parks and plazas on the surface. Also, because the City is investing in regional facilities, individual property owners do not need to construct their own detention facilities, reducing property impacts and cost to property owners.

The South Detention Vault will open in 2015; the Station Vault is likely to open by the time light rail service begins in 2023; the North Infiltration Vault is likely to open sometime before 2030. 

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South Detention Vault

The South Detention Vault is the first of three large underground stormwater facilities to be constructed in Overlake Village. Like the other vaults, this vault supports the redevelopment of Overlake Village. Construction is underway and will be complete in 2015.

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LID Retrofit - Rain Gardens

The LID Retrofit project will convert existing underutilized and unused pavement space into areas that can accommodate stormwater and improve water quality. The project also will enhance streetscapes, making them attractive and enjoyable for pedestrian use. These retrofits will take place on portions of 151st Place NE, and 152nd Avenue NE.

Construction is complete. 

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Upcoming Events

156th Ave NE street overlay: repairs to 156th have begun.  Find out more.

East Link light rail extension: read the latest on Sound Transit's page.

Esterra Park (Capstone/Group Health): view final park design proposal.

South Detention Vault: construction has begun!  Find out more about this important project.

South Vault Postcard (March 2014)

Jeff Churchill

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