Project Documents

Idylwood Neighborhood Plan

The Idylwood neighborhood plan policies

Idylwood Neighborhood 2007 to 2010 Plan Update Process

This final phase of the CAC's work included:

  •  The Neighborhoods portion of Redmond's Comprehensive Plan (the most recent version of draft policies)
  • The Community Development Guide (the associated draft regulations)
  •  A "3rd Document" that contains priority actions and preferred projects for near-term emphasis.

The October 15, 2009 Viewpoint Open House for Neighborhood Feedback

Approximately fifty-eight citizens of the Viewpoint neighborhood attended and shared their thoughts for the CAC's review including the following: 

Learn What Else Had Occurred in the Neighborhood Plan Update Process

Late Winter 2009 Neighborhood Newsletter

Spring 2008 Neighborhood Newsletter

Kimberly Dietz 

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