About The Neighborhood
Map of Redmond's Downtown

Downtown Redmond is one of Redmond's two urban centers. It is a place that:
  • Meets community needs for employment, shopping, recreation, civic activities, cultural, and nightlife opportunities – an 18-hour downtown
  • Provides attractive and safe places to live close to amenities such as restaurants and cafes, a wide selection of stores and services, plazas, and parks
  • Is oriented to pedestrians and bicycles, with attractive “local” streets appropriate for a destination environment
  • Is an urban area enhanced by a rich natural setting, including open space, trees and other landscaping, and a focus on the Sammamish River
  • Is a place where people want to be, that maintains its small-town feel and sense of Redmond’s history and historic buildings
Downtown Capital Improvement Projects 2009-2012.

Gary Lee 
Kimberly Dietz 


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Events and Opportunities

Planning in Redmond's Historic Core - inviting your ideas, due by November 30, 2014.  Learn more at www.redmond.gov/history