Commercial Safety
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Commercial Burglaries

Commercial burglaries occur after your business closes and are often crimes of opportunity. Always look at your property and business from the eyes of a burglar (think like one, but don't act like one!). The outward appearance and security may determine if a business is at risk:
  1. Update or install locks, lighting, and alarms and train your employees on how to properly use alarm systems.
  2. Establish a closing routine or check list to make sure employees lock doors, windows and set the alarm.
  3. Build a rapport with nearby business owners and/or residents who live close to discuss problems or nuisances and then identify solutions that benefit everyone. Many businesses may wonder why homeowners would care about them, but they can act as another set of eyes on your business if they know your hours of operation and when employees will or will not be there.

Commercial Robberies

Commercial robberies take place while your business is open and employees are present. Robbery is the act of taking something from another that is in his/her possession. While the store may suffer the loss, employees are typically affected most. It's important for owners to educate employees and take an active role in reducing robbery and burglary opportunities:

  1. Consider how the physical layout protects employees inside the business. 
  2. Implement safety practices to discourage would-be robbers. 
  3. Keep the business free from clutter and maintain a clear line of sight from the outside into the interior of the building.
  4. Reassure employees that merchandise can be replaced but their safety is paramount to the business’ success.
Your goal should be to reduce opportunity.

Robbery & Security Checklist