Tosh Creek 156th Avenue NE Flow Splitter

Vicinity Map

Location: 156th Avenue NE near NE 51st Street

Project Phase: Construction complete

Contact: Eric Dawson, 425-556-2867

Project Last Updated: 08/29/2017

The previous flow splitter directed stormwater flows from 156th Ave NE. Approximately 15% of the flows drained to Tosh Creek with the remainder flowing down the NE 51st Street trunk, which discharges into the wetlands near West Lake Sammamish Parkway. The project made minor modifications to the flow splitter to optimize its control of flows, reducing high flows to Tosh Creek while maintaining the base flows necessary for stream health.

Project Data:
156th Flow Splitter Plans

Tosh Creek Restoration

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Project Contact

Project Manager
Eric Dawson