178th & 179th Avenue NE Asbestos-Concrete Pipe Replacement

Vicinity Map

Location:  178th and 179th Avenues NE, between NE 33rd and NE 34th Streets 

Project Phase: Construction Complete

Contact: Joe O'Leary, 425-556-2723

Page Last Updated: 01/31/18


The old 4-inch asbestos-concrete (AC) water lines on the 178th Ave NE and 179th Ave NE culs-de-sac were replaced with new ductile iron pipe. New service connections and meters were also replaced. The old pipes were failing, causing service outages and damage to streets, sidewalks, and private property. Further, past pipe breaks left the roadway with temporary asphalt repairs and uplifted/damaged pavement areas. The streets are now resurfaced and corner curb ramps were installed to meet ADA requirements.

As part of the work in the 179th Ave NE cul-de-sac, the old AC 4-inch wastewater force main was replaced. Drainage systems improvements were also completed and have decreased minor flooding.

Project construction was successfully completed on December 20, 2017. 178th and 179th Asbestos Concrete Pipe Replacement Project Location