Bike Sharing

Bikeshare in Redmond

Communities around the world have created bikeshare programs where bikes are available on the streets to anyone who wants them for their trip. Generally, there is a charge to the user based on time of use. After your trip, the bike is available for someone else. They are generally for one-way trips.

Free-Floating Bikeshare

Bikeshare programs have evolved significantly in the last 10 years. The current manifestation of bikeshare is free-floating bikes provided by private bikeshare companies -- bikes can be found anywhere and left anywhere. Using a phone app, one can find a bike, lock and unlock the built-in bike lock, which simply keeps the back wheel from spinning.

The City of Redmond is pursuing a phased roll-out of bikeshare. Bikeshare is fully supported in the Transportation Master Plan as the 3rd bullet in the Strategic Approach to Biking in Redmond (Chapter 4.4, p. 87): “3) …abundant access to bicycles through a rental ‘Bike Share’ program,…”

Likewise, our Transportation Master Plan describes bikeshare on p. 91 and emphasizes that “bicycles also act as an extension of transit trips, providing important last mile connections that make alternative transportation trips more successful.” (p. 92)

Privately-owned bikeshare bikes

In Seattle, there are currently 3 bikeshare companies that have been permitted to provide bikeshare services. Each company has their own app to help you locate their bikes. Each bike has a GPS transponder so it can be geo-located. Note that you may need an app from each company to find the nearest bikeshare bike available.

When you find a bikeshare bike, the bike will display a code which you enter in that bikeshare company’s phone app, and the bike will automatically unlock. Ride to where you want to go and re-lock the bike in an appropriate place (outside, on public right-of-way, and out of the way of walkers and cars). It will charge you for the time, often a nominal fee that is stated on the bike (e.g., currently $1 for 30 min). Often, your first ride is free and you will not need to enter any payment information until your second ride. Try it.

Bike Share Station

How will the city control privately-run bikeshare?

The city will require all bikeshare companies that function in Redmond to gain a right-of-way use permit. This permit describes how many bikes that each company can have in Redmond, and provide a cap of total bikes. It will require the bikeshare companies to keep the bikes maintained, recover bikes that are in poor locations, respond promptly to public requests and city requests, move bikes that aren’t being used, and move bikes that are causing a nuisance (e.g., blocking sidewalks), among other things.
Member Using Bike Share

How will the city phase in bikeshare?

By limiting the number of bikes from each company and the total number of bikes, we will begin with a number that is far less dense than Seattle’s current population of bikeshares. We will monitor the performance of each company before implementing a new stage in the phased rollout which could adjusting these numbers up. We are currently analyzing existing programs to determine these numbers.

What is the timeline for bikeshare in Redmond?

Redmond is on a track to implement bikeshare in Redmond during Bike Month (May). First step will be to update the right-of-way Permit code (RMC 12.08) to allow the permitting of bikeshare to operate in Redmond right-of-way. This is slated to go to City Council at their Tuesday, March 20th meeting. Keep an eye on this website if that changes. Meanwhile, the staff will be preparing the permit requirements and analyzing existing programs to determine bike quantity limitations.

How can I provide input on this project?

The public will be able to speak on this agenda item at the City Council meeting on March 20th. Also, you are welcome to send an email to Buff Brown, Senior Transit Planner for City of Redmond, , or call him at 425-556-2870.

Why am I seeing bikes already in Redmond?

Some of the bikes from Seattle’s and Bothell’s bikeshare programs may be slowly drifting into to the Redmond area. You are welcome to use them and ride them out of the area until we establish our program. They are allowed to be on the bus racks, but if you place them on a bus rack, please be responsible and remove them. It is always important that the bikes be parked upright and in good locations.

 Bike Rider