Travel Behavior Survey
An important step in the first update to the TMP, and one that involved just under 1,000 members of the City's residential and business communities, was Redmond's first Citywide travel behavior survey conducted in the spring of 2010.  Survey data collected will help determine actual travel patterns and behavior of Redmond's residents (population 54,000) and people who work here. With nearly 90,000 people coming to Redmond to work each day, the obvious impact of these commuters on Redmond's transportation system needs to be considered.

Maps are provided to show the location of surveyed households and employees.

This valuable, City-specific travel data will guide the planning process for transportation projects and programs that are needed in Redmond, and that will be included as part of Redmond's updated TMP.

Take a look at the travel behavior survey process and results of the survey.

Survey Process & Initial Findings

For a comprehensive overview of Redmond's travel behavior survey, see a presentation made to the Puget Sound Regional Council on December 15, 2010.  The presentation covers such topics as why a travel survey was conducted in Redmond, the initial findings from the household survey, an assessment of the employee survey, and some of the lessons learned as a result of this project.   

Staff Contact:

Don Cairns, Transportation Planning and Engineering Manager

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