2011-2012 Sidewalk Improvements

Vicinity Map

Location: Throughout the City

Current Project Activities:The City has awarded the construction contract and work will begin July of 2013. Construction will begin at the NE 109th St. location and the NE 85th St. location. 

Project Phase: In Construction

Estimated Timeline:Design began in April of 2012 and is complete. Construction to begin in late July 2013. Construction complete in November 2013.

Project Manager: Eric Dawson, 425-556-2723

Description: The 2011-2012 Sidewalk Improvements are this year’s portion of the City’s on-going sidewalk program to improve pedestrian safety and fill in missing sidewalk segments.  Work will occur at nine locations throughout the City.

171st Ave NE at NE 100th St.
This project will construct curb, gutter, and sidewalk on the east side of 171st Ave NE and two ADA ramps at the end of 172nd Ave NE near Hartman Park.

NE 51st St. Sidewalk between 158th Ave. NE and West Lake Sammamish Parkway
This project will construct missing sidewalk segments on the south side of NE 51st Street.  It will also include re-channelizing NE 51st Street to include bike lanes.  Minor modifications to the traffic signal at NE 51st Street and W. Lake Sammamish Parkway will improve accessibility and safety for bicyclists at the intersection.

NE 85th St. between 165th Ave. NE and 166th Ave. NE
This project will construct missing sidewalk segment on the east of 165th Avenue to complete sidewalk to 166th Avenue NE. 

NE 88th St. Sidewalk at 166th Ave NE 100 feet East
This project will construct a new sidewalk segment on the south side NE 88th street about 100 feet east of 166th Avenue NE to provide an ADA connection to 166th Avenue NE.

NE 95th St. Sidewalk at Avondale Road and 400 feet East
This project will construct a new sidewalk segment on the south side of NE 95th Street from Avondale Road to the Friendly Village main entrance.

Willows Road between NE 117th St. and NE 118th St.
This project will construct a missing sidewalk segment on the west side of Willows Road near NE 117th Street to the Physio Control driveway to the north.

NE 109th St between 181st Ave NE and 182nd Ave NE
This project will upsize an existing 18 inch stormwater pipe to a 24 inch pipe to alleviate flooding upstream on private property.  Construction of the upsized stormwater pipe requires replacement of curb, gutter, and sidewalk along the pipe alignment. 

185th Ave. NE from NE 65th St. to north of NE 68th St.
This project component will construct missing sidewalk segments, with ADA ramps, pervious concrete sidewalks, and traffic calming curb bulbs incorporating bioretention stormwater treatment/flow reduction.
Segment A located at the 7100 block of 185th Ave NE consists of approximately 80 lineal feet of new curb bulb, ADA ramps with pervious sidewalk and planter/bioretention swale, Segment B at NE 68th street consists of 250 lineal feet of new pervious sidewalk and ADA ramp on the west side of 185th Avenue and a 110 feet of curb bulb and ADA ramps on the east side. 
Segment C located at NE 65th street includes approximately 500 linear feet of pervious sidewalk, ADA ramps and bioretention stormwater treatment/flow control with a curb bulb at the intersection. ADA ramps are also added at the opposite corners of the intersection.