Freight Mobility Survey
Studying freight mobility is one of three components of the broader Greater Southeast Redmond Area Transportation Study. One of the most significant sources of information for the study of freight mobility in Redmond comes from business owners who use the City's transportation system to move goods and services. Opinions, observations, and suggestions from the business community are vital to identifying issues and needed change.

In January 2009, a freight mobility survey was distributed via email and the U.S. postal service to business owners in the Southeast Redmond, Bear Creek, Downtown, and Overlake neighborhoods. The survey was also available online and could be completed electronically through the City's web site. The survey included questions about the types of goods and services handled by area businesses, and questions about the way in which these goods and services are transported. The survey also asked business owners to identify patterns and frequency of inbound and outbound deliveries as well as the type and size of trucks they typically use.

In order to gather as many survey responses as possible, follow-up phone calls were placed to many local businesses, encouraging business owners to complete the freight mobility survey. A total of 130 completed surveys were received by the City. Click on the link provided to see a summary of survey results. Click on the link provided to see a map representing area businesses that took part in the survey process.

An unabridged version of the Freight Mobility Executive Summary is now available for review. You can also view a brochure entitled Summary of the Freight Mobility Study by clicking on the link provided.

The City thanks those who contributed their comments and observations about freight mobility in Redmond through their participation in the freight mobility survey.

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