2013 Street Resurfacing

Vicinity Map

Several locations throughout the city
NE 21st St. from 152nd Ave. NE to Bel-Red Rd.
NE 24th St. from Bel-Red Rd. to 148th Ave. NE
NE 85th St. from 166th Ave. NE to NE 85th St. Bridge

Current Project Activities: Beginning Construction

Project Phase: In Construction

Estimated Timeline: Construction Start June 2013
                                Construction Complete August 2013

Project Manager: Dennis Brunelle, 425-556-2723

Description: The 2013 Street Resurfacing project was developed from the City’s ongoing Pavement Management Program. The Redmond Pavement Management (RPM) system uses pavement condition readings information from the City’s computerized database to identify streets most in need of resurfacing.

The attached vicinity map shows the street locations of the 2013 Resurfacing project. The project also includes sidewalk curb ramps adjacent to the streets being resurfaced to bring them into conformance with the latest Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.