156th Ave NE Street Overlay

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Location: 156th Avenue NE between NE 28th Street and NE 51st Street (excluding the section between NE 36th Street and NE 40th Street)

Project Phase: Construction complete

Contact: John Mork, 425-556-2723

Description:  The project will prolong the life of the pavement on 156th Avenue NE between NE 28th Street and NE 51st Street, as well as improve serviceability by decreasing noise, improving drainage, and reducing maintenance costs.

This federally-funded project rehabilitated approximately 1 mile of 156th Avenue NE. Construction included:
  • Repairing fatigued pavement areas,
  • Construction curb ramps to current standards,
  • Installing conduit for a future pedestrian crossing
  • Resurfacing the roadway curb to curb with hot mix asphalt,
  • Lane rechannelization,
  • Signal loop replacements, and
  • Replacing damaged and deteriorated stormwater pipe.

Project funds included a grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

156th Avenue NE