Park Maintenance & Essential Facility Repair
Over the past seven years, the purchasing power of the parks maintenance budget has been reduced. This reduced purchasing power has resulted in less maintenance performed on our trails, neighborhood parks, and community parks.

Service level reductions have resulted in:
  • more overgrown trails
  • more litter in parks
  • dirtier restrooms
  • less sports field maintenance
  • elimination of evening park maintenance staffing in our five busiest community parks
New levy funding will restore past maintenance reductions and ensure Redmond parks are maintained at a safe, sustainable level consistent with the community’s expectations.

Many of the parks structures and facilities are decades old and are failing or wearing out. Currently, there is a $3.6 million backlog of small capital projects and repairs system wide that need to be addressed. Many of these projects are safety related. New levy funds will be used to complete the most important projects including renovating the Grass Lawn Park dome picnic shelter, upgrading the Farrel-McWhirter Park buildings electrical systems, resurfacing the Farrel-McWhirter Park arenas, replacing the Reservoir Park concrete sidewalk panels, repairing the Cascade View Park playground and pathways, and repairing the Farrel-McWhirter Park pathways and trails.

A portion of the new levy funding will be utilized to maintain the landscaping on recently completed/future rights-of-ways projects (NE 116th ST. & 162nd Ave. N.E., N.E. Union Hill Rd. phase III).

Trail Maintenance
Trail Maintenance

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