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The Comprehensive Plan - Redmond 2030 - establishes the City's future vision and policy direction. Click the image above to access the document. 

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In addition to its 17 thematic chapters, or elements, Redmond 2030 includes supporting documents to address physical infrastructure. Known as functional plans, these documents are adopted by City Council and attached to the Comprehensive Plan by reference. They include:


2014-2015 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Call for Proposals and Opportunities for Participation

The City is now accepting proposals for Comprehensive Plan amendments.
As the first step in this process, the City invites people to identify proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan that should be considered. After the changes are identified, the Redmond Planning Commission and then the City Council will review and confirm the list of amendments to be considered over the course of the year. 

Requesting a Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Any individual, organization, business, or other group may propose a Comprehensive Plan and associated Zoning Code amendment. Affected property owners must agree to site specific requests.

Application Deadline

Proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan and associated Zoning Code provisions must be received via email by
Thursday, May 29, 2014, 5pm.

The City will consider applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments received after the deadline as part of subsequent annual docketing processes. 

How To Apply

Start with this form. It is a required item within the application package, and provides links to other needed forms and instructions on how to submit items electronically. A pre-consultation meeting with staff is required before submitting the application. Details about the annual Comprehensive Plan amendment process are also provided in the City's notice letter to interested parties.

Stay Informed and Provide Comments

The Planning Commission will review proposed amendments and seek public comment during the review process. Meetings are open to the public and cablecast live on RCTV and cable channel 21 (repeated the following day and available on demand). Interested parties can track proposals via the Commission's Topics Under Review page.

Contact:  Pete Sullivan, Senior Planner, for more information 
                 or to arrange a pre-consultation meeting: 

                 425-556-2406  |

Application period closed. Proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments for 2014-15 are now being assembled for Planning Commission and City Council's review of the docket as a whole. 

Once confirmed in late summer, individual items will be reviewed over the following year. 

Contact staff below for further assistance.





Pete Sullivan,
Senior Planner

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