Old Fire House Teen Center

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Wednesdays through Saturdays at the Old Fire House- come join!

The Old Fire House provides engaging activities with a focus on teens grades 9th through graduation. Teens are provided leadership opportunities and a space to connect with their community. 

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Open Hours- come on down!


What To Expect:

The Old Fire House is an inclusive, positive, community space for Redmond teens. OFH staff are welcoming and ready to help get you plugged in.

A typical day includes a variety of activities from sports, arts, music, cooking, cultural events and more- some created and led by fellow teens!


This Week's Highlights:

 Positive Rap Battles

Wednesday October 22nd 6pm: Positive Rap Battles with Daniel & Ben!

Join Ben and Daniel as we explore the more positive side of rap battles- all levels welcome!    



 Pumpkin Spice Everything

Thursday October 23rd 5pm: Pumpkin Spice Everything with Katy & Jasmine

Come enjoy a sample of everything pumpkin spice- from tortilla chips to cookies, and of course lattes!

Saturday Fight Live

Saturday October 25th 7pm SATURDAY FRIGHT LIVE: Halloween Dance Party!

The party of the season! Don't miss out!
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Old Fire House


 After Hours

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Sat, Oct 11th 10-2:30pm

Redmond City Hall


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Teen Talk
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