Winter 2014
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  • Brief City Council
  • Conduct Community Meeting for confirmation of Priorities

Spring 2014
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  • Results Teams create Requests for Offers
  • Conduct Community Meeting for input on City programs and services
  • Brief City Council on Requests for Offers

Summer 2014
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  • Departments create Offers
  • Results Teams rank Offers and provide feedback to departments
  • Brief City Council on Performance Measures
  • Brief City Council on revenue projections
  • Results Teams complete final ranking of Offers and present Recommendations to Mayor
  • Public Hearing on the Budget

Fall/Winter 2014
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  • Mayor presents Proposed Budget to City Council
  • Public Hearings on Proposed Budget
  • Council deliberates Proposed Budget
  • Council adopts Budget

2015 - 2016 Detailed Budget Calendar
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    2015-2016 Detailed Budget Calendar