Recycling & Collection Event

2016 Summer Recycling & Collection Event

Date:            July 16, 2016

Time:            9:30 am to 4:00 pm (No vehicles admitted after 4:00 pm)

Location:      18120 NE 76th Street 
                     (City of Redmond Maintenance Operation Center)

PLEASE NOTE:  All information is tentative at this time.  Please check back in mid-June for any updates.  Thanks!

Special Notes

  1. Event Access Route:  Please note the event map on the Event Admission Pass.   Follow directional signs on the curb.  Expect congestion and delays.  Please follow signs and staff directions.  Drive slowly and patiently at the site.  Thanks!
  2. Maximum vehicle/trailer/truck bed length is 10-feet.  If exceeding the 10-feet limit, the vehicle will not be allowed entry.
  3. Wastemobile will be at Redmond Home Depot's adjacent parking lot the same weekend:  July 15-17, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  4. Medicine drop-off and Paper Shredding Stations will be at this event from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.  All other community shredding events are listed at Shredathon.
  5. Food and/or cash donations are requested to support our local community. Please bring two or more cans of nonperishable food items, or consider making a cash donation to support those in need in our city. (See details under Food/Cash Donation)
  6. All electronic units (except the "big three" - TV sets, computers and monitors ) will be accepted at this event. Disposal options for the "big three" are listed under Electronics.  
  7. Loading and Driving. A current law requires drivers to secure their loads when using public streets. When coming to the event, any participants not complying with the law can be fined. All participants must strictly follow the event route. Please be patient and flexible. Don't block the driveways/exits of businesses on NE 76th Street while waiting in line. The drop-off stations are set up in the order as listed.  To quickly and easily unload at each station, please pack your items for the stations in DESCENDING ORDER - last item placed in your vehicle will be the first item out! Tip: The earlier a material is listed, the later that material should be loaded into your vehicle for a convenient unloading.  
  8. ABSOLUTELY no commercial loads of any size are allowed. This event is for households only. The event is designed to help residents reuse or recycle materials that are currently not included in our curbside recycling programs. It's all FREE except for a few types of materials. The links at the side of this page will help you verify what you can bring, what is restricted, and other important details of the Event.
  9. Compliance and Enforcement Rule: Vehicles not in compliance with any of the event requirements and restrictions will be denied entry. Vehicles may return only after the inadmissible items have been removed.

Questions or Comments
Questions or Comments

Please email your questions, comments, or general feedback regarding the recycling and collection events to and please type 'Recycle Event' in the subject line. Thanks!

2016 Special Collection Event Schedule

Spring Event  -  April 2nd
Summer Event  -  July 16th
Fall Event  -  October 1st  


Services at the event provided by City of Redmond Public Works Department, A-Plus Recycle & Removal. Frontline Shredding, Hopelink, Interstate Batteries, L & S Tire Recovery, PCR, Redmond Rotary Club, Seattle Goodwill, Styro Recycle, and Waste Management/North Sound Disposal.

Funding of the event provided by City of Redmond Recycling Program, King County Solid Waste Division, Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County and the Washington State Department of Ecology.

July 16, 2016
Recycling & Collection Event

9:30 am to 4:00 pm
(No vehicles admitted
after 4:00 pm)

18120 NE 76th Street
(City of Redmond Maintenance Operation Center)