Property FAQs

How do I find out the zoning for my property?

The City of Redmond Zoning Map is available online in PDF format, so that you may zoom in on your specific property to discover in which zone it is located.

How do I find out the site requirements (setbacks, average lot size, etc.) and the uses allowed on my property?

The Redmond Zoning Code is also available online. Refer to RZC 21.16 for site requirements for nonresidential zones and RZC 21.08 for residential site requirements.  To find allowed uses, refer to RZC 21.04.030 Comprehensive Allowed Uses Chart.

Do I have sensitive areas (wetlands, geologic hazard areas, etc.) on my property?

Citywide maps for each type of sensitive area are available in the Development Services Center and will be available online in the future. Note that these maps locate general areas that may be impacted by sensitive areas and are not property specific.

How may I find out more about my property?

You may view the Redmond City GIS information, or access parcel information from the King County Website

Is Redmond Ridge within the City of Redmond?

No, this Urban Planned Development (UPD) is located within King County. More information is available on the King County Development and Environmental Services web page.